Get a Swapfiets bicycle during your introduction period for only €15.

We make sure your Swapfiets bicycle always works.

Kick-In 2018

The best way to explore Enschede is by bicycle. That is why Swapfiets has a special deal during your introduction period. For €15 you can cycle hassle free for 6 weeks. At the start of your introduction week you can pick-up your bike at our pick-up location.


Robust 'Dutch Bike' (omafiets) with coaster brake. Original


for 6 weeks
Introduction deal
Subject to availability. After 6 weeks you can continue using your Swapfiets bicycle for our normal student rate of €12 a month.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I pick-up my bicycle?
You can pick up your bike at the start of the introduction week at our pick-up point. Just before the start of your introduction week, we will publish the exact location, date and time on our website. We will also keep you informed by email. In addition, you will also find the location in the program booklet of your introduction week and in the accompanying app.
What do I need when I pick-up my bicycle?
In order to complete your pick-up quickly, we need your ID (driver's license, ID card or passport) and a bank card.
How can I pay?
Before you pick up your bike you can pay through our website using iDeal or credit card.
What happens when the deal expires?
You can use your Swapfiets bicycle during the entire introduction deal period. After this period, you decide whether you want to keep your bike or return it. Can’t say goodbye? We’ve got you covered. No action is required from your side. We make sure you'll get a regular subscription with our monthly rate.
I’ve ordered a Swapfiets through the website of my introduction period, what’s next?
Awesome you’ve already signed up for a Swapfiets. You will receive an email from us soon to complete your registration. It may take a while before you’ll receive this email. There is no need to register again through our website.
What if my bicycle breaks down?
Bicycle broken? We’re going to fix it for you! Let us know that there is something wrong with your Swapfiets and we’ll fix your bike at a location of your choice. If we can’t fix your bike right away we’ll simply swap it for another one.
What happens if my bicycle gets stolen?
How annoying! Simply contact us and we will bring you a new bicycle. You do have to pay a €40 deductible excess. Make sure to always lock your bike properly to prevent theft.
What if I've signed up for the waiting list?
Our introduction deal has been sold out in some cities. Do you still want to receive a Swapfiets at the start of your introduction period? Sign up for our VIP waiting list. If a Swapfiets bicycle becomes available, you will pay our regular monthly rate which is €12 including student discount, which we offer in most cities. We will contact you if a bicycle becomes available.

About the Kick-In 2018

September marks the start of your life as a student in Enschede. Of course, studying is more than just following lectures and study for exams. During the Kick-In you get to know everything Enschede has to offer. A week full of parties, culture, music, relaxation and making new friends. The best way to discover Enschede is by bike. With a Swapfiets subscription, you are sure you don’t miss anything and get the most out of the Kick-In. Are you ready?