Get a Swapfiets at the student introduction week in your city

The first three months for €11,50 per month

Our introduction deal


3 months for €11,50 per month

Start your semester carefree with your Swapfiets and pay the first 3 months only €11,50 per month. Minimum subscription period of 3 months.

Your own Swapfiets

Do you love your Swapfiets? Just keep on riding! After 3 months you'll pay the regular monthly fee for students in your city.

Great Service

Bicycle broken? Just get in touch with us and we’ll fix it for you within 1 day.
Introduction weeks deal


Robust 'Dutch Bike' (omafiets) with coaster brake. Original - Student Intro Weeks Deal

per month, duration 3 months
For all new students from August 2019
At the end of July you will receive an email where and when you can pick up your bike during the introduction weeks in August 2019. You will receive a discount for the first 3 months, after this period the regular student rate applies.
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Swapfiets is the world’s first bicycle subscription service.

For a fixed monthly fee, you get a Swapfiets and we’ll make sure it always works. Bicycle broken? Within a day we will provide you with a working bicycle at a location of your choice. In short: problems with your bike? Not your problem.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the introduction week deal apply?
You can take advantage of the discount by registering for the intro week via the website through the introduction week deal and only collect your bike on the 1st day of the intro week at the point of issue or in the store (swapfiets.nl/en/introductieweek/ophaallocaties). This is indicated per city, pay attention to where you can pick up the bike! If you still want to make use of the deal during the intro weeks, you can register on the 1st day of the intro week in your city and immediately get y
What is the difference between an introduction week subscription and the regular subscription?
During the introduction days we have a special discount where you as a student in your new city do not pay the regular rate, but 11.50 euros per month for the first 3 months. The biggest difference is that you can enjoy your Swapfiets for a discount during the first 3 months.
Do you have to return your bike after the introduction days?
No this is not necessary, if you do not want that. Your subscription will be automatically converted into a regular student subscription for the original bicycle after the introduction weeks. You then pay the rate that applies to your city and you don't have to do anything for it.
I would like to cancel my subscription after the 3 months of the introduction week deal, how does this work?
What a pity that you are leaving us! Contact us so we can cancel your subscription. Please note that we use a cancellation period of 1 month and you can therefore use the bicycle for one month after cancellation, provided the minimum contract duration has been achieved.
When should I cancel my introduction weeks subscription if I don’t want to renew my Swapfiets subscription after those 3 months?
You can cancel your subscription no later than 1 month before the end of your contract. After canceling your subscription, return your bike to one of our stores. Only when you have returned your bike, your subscription is actually terminated and the payment stops.

Example: you will receive your bicycle during the introduction days on 18 August. Your subscription then runs until November 18. You can cancel your subscription up to 1 month before the end and return your bike no later than 18 Nov
What should I bring if I come to collect my bike at the handout point during the introduction week?
Nice that you come to pick up your bike! Don't forget to bring your ID and your student card or proof of registration from the University or college. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a bicycle without an ID and student card or proof of registration.
What happens with my introduction deal subscription after the 3 months?
Your subscription will automatically be converted into a regular student contract for the original bicycle after the introduction weeks. You then pay the rate that applies to your city and you don't have to do anything for it.